Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michael Jackson

The average Ear to the Rail post consists of about three hundred words.  I'd like to use about fifty or so of those right now to compile a list: "ABC," "I Want You Back," "Billy Jean," "Thriller," "Beat It," "Black Or White," "Man In The Mirror," "Heal The World," "You Are Not Alone," "Wanna Be Starting Someting," "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," "Rock With You,"  "Bad," "I'll Be There," "Smooth Criminal," "Dirty Diana," "Scream," "The Way You Make Me Feel."

The only thing I'd like to write about his personal life is that I'm not interested in talking about his personal life.  His career, however, captured everyone's attention, entertained us for half a century, and raised countless millions for charity.

Just watch the video I've linked below from the 1988 Grammys.  It's about ten minutes long, and in it you will see an entertainer--arguably at the top of his game--who is, I believe, trying to change the world through his music.  Now, whether such a thing is actually possible is another matter.  What's so captivating about this video is that it captures on tape a moment when the performer seems to thoroughly believe that it CAN be done.

Also, it's just plain awesome.  On a technical note: often in music writers will take the key up one step when they want to add intensity to their song.  If you don't know much about music theory that's fine.  Let's just call this procedure adding "the money note."  The video below has one of the raddest "money notes" in music history.