Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dirty Projectors

“Cannibal Resource”-
What immediately hits you about this band is their ability to have an original, even jarring sound that still resonates in a feel-good, emotional way.  I find few bands can accomplish “head music” and “heart music” at the same time.  Not to mention, how do they do so much with so little!

“Two Doves”-
A softer song with a beautiful string arrangement:  The guitar line could transpose easily onto a harp and the lyrics read like a sonnet, but somehow, despite making a gentler statement, this tune still has a piquant dash of that same off-center, jolting quirkiness that’s integral to the Projector’s sound.
And since we've talked a little about influences in "inception", here's David Longstreth, the main writing force of the band, talking about his influences. (Fair warning, the audio is low.) The album of theirs which I think is so stellar is named Bitte Orca, and came out last year, 2009. If you'd like to know what he's up to now, look for his recent collaboration with Bjork.

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